Where, when, why & how???

So peeps – it’s been a while since I wrote anything on here!!
I finally managed to escape Korea – (Although was about to go back the other day!!).


Went off to the Philippines to go scuba diving which was awesome and then to NZ. Discovered that being 20kgs lighter (About 3 and a half stone), I am once again able to shop in normal stores!! yeah – and can even go into those boutiquie places where they only go up to a certain size!! gotta love the korean diet pills!!

So anyway, got to NZ just before Mum’s 3rd wedding!! Was a cool day – at the Lansdowne Homestead (beautiful location in christchurch) and now have an older step-brother and step-sister!! Most amusing!!

Then went to visit Mark (dad 2) and caroline (mum 3) in Masterton. They have bought a new house outside of Masterton. It’s in a valley and when driving there you’ll see the most amazing views and by far the best sights in New Zealand!!

I flew back to Chch for xmas with mum and Si, and the new family, and grandma and grandad, my oldest cousin and her boyfriend!! Slightly hectic to say the least!!

Flew out to Sydney in the early hours of boxing day to go to Amy’s wedding. Had a general piss up for a few days before, and then the ceremony itself was held on Balmoral beach followed by the reception on board a boat travelling around Sydney Harbour. It has to be said that it was the most amazing wedding i have ever been to!! The views were out of this world and lots of merriment and alcohol was had by all (including Amy’s mum who almost went overboard at the end in her rush to get the pub crawl started!! you gotta love that woman!!!)

Had an interesting time in Sydney – fell in love with the place and wanna live there. Did lots of sightseeing, met some randoms and not so randoms along the way, drank way too much, didn’t sleep enough – so all in all was a great trip!!
Got back to NZ on NYE to Masterton and promptly passed out on the sofa just before midnight – this is what happens when you have no sleep and your getting older – can’t handle the pace!! lol

After NYE, I got the ferry down to the Marlborough Sounds where I spent the best part of a month down there!! We were out on the boat or jet ski’s everyday either fishing, scalloping, general hooning around and getting an amazing suntan!!

The reality hit and back to christchurch on the job hunt!! Did a month temp contract for environment canterbury – door knocking doing market research!! So not keen on it at first but actually turned out to one of the coolest jobs ever!! Out all day in the nice weather, chatting to people (one of my favourite things in case you didn’t already know!! lol), and worked with some cool peeps too!!

Now I am doing general reception work etc etc as being incredibly picky with a full time job!!

I am moving house this weekend on saturday!! Moving in with a cool chick that drives the black thunders around for the local radio station ZM.

Also working at Jade Stadium this weekend for the Crusaders rugby game (although seriously considering bunking off as A: won tickets to the game tonight and B: It’s St Paddy’s day and I wanna get drunk!!! lol)

Things are looking up though – was a bit rough for a while – no job, no friends, no money and living at home with the parents for the first time in 10 years – but now things working out quite sweet indeed (Already saying sweet and eh like a full blown kiwi!! damn!!)

So yeah returning back to the homeland ain’t so bad at all. I even met a rather cute member of the opposite sex last weekend too – had a very amusing night out after that invloving lots of alcohol etc etc – needless to say I didn’t get home until the next morning!!! (But i was a good girl for a change honest!! lol) – will keep you up to date on that development though!! lol

So all in all things are going well. Starting to really enjoy life here.

Any peeps I know from Korea, UK well anywhere really as long as I know you – feel free to come and visit anytime you like!! The more the merrier and I can show you around my new town!! lol

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