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So I’m standing in the queue in subway (the sandwich shop) yesterday waiting to get lunch. I am one of the 2 girls in there and the other 15 people are all guys – I’m casually looking around when I realise that I am the tallest person in the shop by about a foot!! Granted I had heels on but they weren’t that high!! So the rumour that all kiwi guys are 6 foot 6 inch rugby giants, built like brick shit houses is in fact a myth!! – well the ones that are like that are currently on their way to France to play in the world cup!!! lol – How has NZ become a nation of short people???

By walking to work everyday for a week, you really can get your now reduced slightly in size arse into the trousers that you bought last week, that didn’t fit, but were cheap and cute!!

Is one of my thighs bigger than the other – or have the new trousers been made with uneven legs???

Why do you get such a bad headache from wine???

Why in the hell would anyone consume SHEEP DIP as a way of getting high???!!! Seriously WTF!!! How in the bad word were party pills allowed to be legal for so long!?????!!

So have come up with an ingenious new money making, thought provoking, mind stimulating idea that will keep me amused for the next few months at least – but why can I not find my camera charger which is the most important thing I need????!!!

Why is it when you’ve been waiting to sort out a proper job, you get offered one, that you then decide you don’t like???

Do you think that you get more than one chance at love at first sight – or once it’s happened it’ll never happen again??? And why is mine getting married soon??? (And not to me I might add!!)

Why is the weather always gorgeous outside when you’re lying in bed with a hangover??? And you know it’s gonna be crap tomorrow!! Murphy’s law!!

People in Christchurch have got to be the most unfriendly in the world!! You head out for a night into town, and god forbid that you actually start a conversation with anyone!! So last night I’m at this club called Base and this guy walks up to me and starts chatting. He seems pleasant enough and not off his face on E so I chat back. He then asks if I went to this school here and I say no – at which point he abruptly stops talking and walks away!! It’s like some sort of twatty exclusive club – what school did you go to, who do you know – if you can’t answer either then you have no hope in hell of ever infiltrating the chch scene at all!! Hence why I have been hanging out with the foreigners or out of towners!! I think they are experiencing the same thing!! Still must infiltrate more before birthday – otherwise will be truly shite and may leading to suicidal tendencies!!

How does anyone think it’s ok to turn up to a friends work party, eat the free food and drink, and then piss off cos they’ve had a better offer (and leave the person there to answer awkward questions on the friends disappearance!!), and think that it’s ok!! And then wonder why the person is bad worded off with them!!! And it’s not cos the person is annoyed that they went on a date, but because what they did was bad wording rude, and if anyone else had done it they would be pissed off too!!! Oh and then not to apologise either!!! Meh – people need to learn manners in this country!!

Why, when you’re trying to avoid someone, do they pop up everywhere in town???? I think, ladies and gentlemen, I may have got myself a stalker!! (And why did I ever give him my cell phone number??? Mel- please send me that phone ASAP as need to get a new number!!!)

Why do guys think it’s ok to ask you out on a date, and then text you to tell you about the one that they are currently on – with someone else!!! Or maybe it should be – why are army guys such dickheads!!!????

Why do the stamps from nightclubs never come off your arm, even after having a shower, and then you discover you had your cheek/forehead resting on it during the night and now the stamp has been imprinted on there too!!! Grrrrr

Why is there never any food in the house when you have a hangover and need it desperately!! Please universe send someone over to take me shopping or to Maccy D’s!!!

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