The perils of wearing PJ’s

So I am under no illusion, that I am becoming a dumb blonde!!! Or at least a severely accident prone one!!


As per usual, I overslept this morning (what is it about winter that makes it completely impossible to get up on time??!!). Anyway, in my rush to get out of bed and turn on the light, I somehow manage to get my right leg totally caught up in my left PJ leg!! There is a momentary split second of mad hopping around the room, before I go arse over tit and fall over, putting my left hand out to catch myself!!

All of a sudden, I’m seeing stars and a few choice words are being ushered from my mouth, as I get a shooting pain in my hand!! I manage to extract my leg and myself from the floor, and hobble into the bathroom.

After a shower, my wrist is still fricking aching, so I get my housemate to tie a bandage around it (it was actually more for the fact that I am at this point very late for work, again, and think rolling up with a banadged wrist, might at least get me some sympathy, rather than a bollocking for being late!).

So off I head to work, arriving 30 mins late, but getting the sympathy vote!! lol

During the course of the day however, my wrist and more than that, my elbow and arm, start really throbbing. Copious amounts of panadol do nothing to alleviate this, and so I decide at the end of the day to get a lift to A&E. After being checked in by the male nurse, who clearly thinks I am a hypocondriac, and then sitting there for a few hours, and a few hundred x-rays later, I am ushered in to see the doc.

Adonis doesn’t do him justice!! He was totally fricking hot, and there am I clearly imagining having my wicked way with him, rather than listening to my diagnosis.

It therefore goes completely over my head when he tells me that I not only have badly sprained my wrist – and my big toe!! – but that I have also fractured my elbow!!! I am brought back from my rather graphic daydream, when I realise that he’s waiting for some kind of response from me!! I then look slightly foolish when he has to run over the main details again, and my reaction is “WTF!!! – I’ve broken something?” and he looks slightly bemused by it all!

OK so if you saw this guy you’d understand completely!! lol

So anyway the upshot of it all is that I now have my left arm in a sling, am not allowed to snowboard for 6 weeks (i.e. the end of the snow season!!), am signed off from work for the next few weeks (although cos I am a temp it means I don’t get paid!!), am majorly panicking on how I’m going to mange to cook my Grandma’s birthday dinner for 9 people this sunday, as well as wondering what else I can break that won’t hurt that much so I can go chat up the hot doc again!!! lol

And yes I am a fully fledged twat for tripping over my PJ’s!!!

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