Billy Connolly Live at Westpac Arena Christchurch

Friday night 13 February saw Billy Connolly on stage at Christchurch’s Westpac Arena. I have for a long time now been a huge fan and Billy did not disappoint. The mix of completely un-PC comments, stories from long ago and jokes was perfect and had me laughing so hard that my sides still hurt three days later!!

The show lasted for two and a half hours, which was amazing. God knows how he does it, frequently going off track in the middle of a story but always coming back to what he was originally talking about. The joke about how men hate cuddles had me crying with laughter as well as the reminiscing about his encounter with a midget woman on a bus!

It was definitely not for the faint hearted though – the usual mix of swearing and piss taking would be sure to kill off my grandmother, but damn it was funny and well worth it.

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