5 minutes with…… Ladi6



Song to groove to: I wanna dance tonight – Lucy Pearl

Tool of the trade: A mic, mic stand, a rockin outfit and sunnies.

Material possession: Boots and more boots.

Piece of advice: You are in control of your own destiny, your will shall lead your way.

New trend in food: I’m still digging sushi and green tea.

Adrenaline rush: Rocking stages in different countries.

Mood-lifting accessory: Scented candles. Vanilla.

Virtue: Patience, because I have none.

Vice: Liquor and weed.

Can’t live without MY FAMILY.


Ladi6 (born Karoline Tamati), is a New Zealand singer-songwriter/rapper of Samoan descent. Originally from Christchurch, she is currently based in New Zealand, although she spent six months living in Berlin and touring Europe in both 2010 and 2011. Her debut album Time Is Not Much debuted at number 4 on the New Zealand Top 40 Album chart and her sophomore album The Liberation Of… debuted at number 6. Her single Like Water was went platinum in June 2011. She has won many awards, including Best Female Solo Artist and Best Urban Hip Hop Album at the 2011 New Zealand Music Awards and Best Urban/Hip Hop Album at the 2009 New Zealand Music Awards. Ladi6 has been called “New Zealand’s answer to Erykah Badu”.


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