International Beer Day – 5th August 2011

Did you know that today is the International Beer Day (August 5th 2011).

International Beer Day is a worldwide celebration of beer, taking place in pubs, clubs, bars, breweries, beer gardens and back yards all over the world. There aren’t a lot of things the whole world agrees on, but enjoying beer is one of them.

It was founded in 2007 by Jesse Avshalomov, Evan Hamilton, Aaron Araki, Richard Hernandez, Tyler Burton, and Ryland Hale. It is celebrated in over 23 countries including New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, USA, and Venezuela.

Did you also know that……..

…….. the song used for The Star Spangled Banner (The American national anthem), was originally an old drinking song.

……. that babies used to be baptised with beer.

……. that around 10 million pints of Guinness are drunk around the world every day!


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