What is your favourite part about writing?

After spending lots of time finally sorting out my new website/blog I was looking for a bit of a challenge to really get me going with it. I discovered NaBloPoMo which was being run for the month of November 2011. NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month and the aim was to get people like me blogging every day for the whole 30 days of the month. Each day there was a writing prompt to get us blogging.

Now I shamefully have to say that I managed to last about a week before work/social life/living in general got in the way and I fell by the by. However, I did write some posts so I thought rather than deleting them all I’d post a few every now and again. So the first one is……

What is your favourite part about writing?

For me writing is a way to express myself. It’s a way to get my thoughts and feelings out in a creative way, and sometimes a good way to vent some anger or frustration without losing the plot at someone. I also feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction seeing my words in print whether it be in a magazine or on a website or even just on my blog. I love telling a story – and although every writer sometimes has to write things that aren’t that keen on, I love when I write a story I am really passionate about. It just flows out of me and I find that I have written 3,000 words before I know it. It always shows too – the number of comments and most positive ones are always about stories that came from the heart.

I love that being a writer gives me access to people and places that I might not otherwise meet or see. People open up to you when they know you are a writer and you find out the most fascinating things out their lives. I think writing has also made me look at the world in a different way and I see stories everywhere I go.

Even though I have been writing for many years now, I still giggle inside when I tell people I am a writer or a journalist – like somehow it isn’t real and I’m still dreaming and might wake up any minute.

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