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I’ve been really sick with a cold/flu/throat thing this week so have been a bit slack about posting sorry. I haven’t done much to write about but I have had time to sort out my iTunes. It’s been a total mess for ages now. I had a habit of swapping music with everyone but just taking everything they had and not what I like, so I ended up with a ton of sh*t on my ipod all the time. I forgot just how long it takes to sort out a decent music list but I came across some classic old tunes that got the memories stirring. I’m not sure if you guys are like me but I remember a lot of places by the smell and sounds. If I hear a certain song or smell something in particular then I’m instantly transported back through my memories to some far flung place I’ve travelled to.

I’ve had a lot of memory replays over the last few days so I thought I would share some of them with you.

Alanis Morisette’s album Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie reminds me of travelling in India. I spent 6 weeks travelling around and that album particularly reminds me of the train journey from Mumbai to Delhi. The train was crowded and hot and most of the occupants were guys who kept staring at the blond chick none stop, so I spent a lot of time sitting in the doorway of the train watching the world go by. Although it wasnt the nicest of train journeys, it was one that I will always remember. I had seen movies when I was young of people on trains sitting in the doorway strumming a guitar watching the world go by and always wanted to do it. Now I don’t play the guitar, so instead I opted for sitting on the stairs of the train listening to walkman (yes it was in the days before ipods). I had bought several tapes in Mumbai but LOVED the ‘new’ Alanis one and so that’s what got played for the majority of the journey. Anytime I hear any of the songs from that album, I’m instantly transported back to that train watching the Indian countryside rush by.

Hotel California by The Eagles reminds me of a hotel I stayed in when in Singapore. When I arrived at Changi airport I had wandered over to the accommodation board and struck up a conversation with a girl who had the same wide eyed look of a traveller like I did on her face. We got on instantly and decided to get a cab together into the city to find a hotel. We ened up staying in Chinatown at this little hotel that was square shaped with an inner courtyard garden in the middle of it. It was a lovely little place and the guy that ran it was really kind and helpful. Every morning he would turn on Hotel California on the stereo and turn the speakers towards our room window to wake us up in time for breakfast and to start the day exploring the city.

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol reminds me of the day I left London to go and teach English in South Korea. My best friend dropped me off at the airport and this song was playing as I went through passport control to the gate area. That was the last time I saw my best friend as I haven’t been back to the UK in nearly 7 years now. Even though a lot of life and living has gone on in the last 7 years, she will always be my bestest friend in the world and I think about her and miss her all the time. I know that no matter how long it is until I see her again, it will be like no time at all when we do see each other and we’ll fall back into the same old routine with ease. Until then I just have to make do with texts and phone calls.

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day reminds me of my time teaching in South Korea. I had a contract with a school in Ulsan which is in the South East part of Korea. I really didn’t like my school that much and was looking forward to my contract ending so that I could find something else closer to Seoul. My contract ended on September 30th so this song was aptly titled and made me laugh every time I heard it as I was literally waiting for Spetember to end so I could move on. Luckily it did and I found an awesome job at a kindergarten in Bucheon just outside of Seoul which I loved and made the wait so worthwhile.

Creep by Radiohead reminds me of the 1998 Glastonbury Music Festival. They were one of the main acts that year and there stage performance was AWESOME! It was such a great show and such a great festival, despite the knee high mud and rain the whole weekend. I love music festivals. Any kind. There is something magical about them that I just love and feel the need to dance and sing and laugh. It’s also the only time you’ll ever get me in a tent. I’m not so much of a camper as a glamper so festivals are the only time that I will sleep in a mini oven willingly.

Similarly at another festival this time in New Zealand, I discovered a new kiwi band called Six60. I went along to AREA9 Festival in Ohau in the South Island. There was an awesome mix of kiwi music on display from the well known to the just starting out and Six60 fell into the latter category. The festival was none stop music and they were on stage at about 6am in the morning, and woke me up in my tent. I started dancing in my sleeping bag so had to get up and find out who they were so headed off to the stage to investigate. I ended up becoming friends with them on Facebook and even helped them get their first gig in Christchurch at Al’s Bar which has now unfortunately gone post-earthquake. Six60 have now hit it big in New Zealand and have played a sold out tour around the country, have had a number 1 album and songs in the charts, and are now off overseas on their world tour including Australia, the UK and even the US. If you find out they are playing near you then I would highly recommend seeing them as they ROCK!

The Black Seeds album Into The Dojo reminds me of my job as a travel rep on the roads around New Zealand. I sold advertising and wrote articles for various travel brochures/magazines and guides. I travelled all over New Zealand, mainly in the South Island and other than having a boss from hell, I loved the job. I got to see my home country inside and out, and got to really appreciate what a truely wonderful and beautiful country it is that I was born, and currently live in.


And finally it’s a bit of a fun one. A song my other half sings to me at certain times when I’m being anything but. It’s Tom Jones’ She’s A Lady. It always makes me smile when I hear it and reminds me of Rory (or if he’s with me he’s usually singing it at me!).


There are lots of other songs that remind me of all kinds of things but the list is long and it would take me quite a while to tell you them all. I would love to know some of your songs and memories though so please share. And any songs/bands/singers that you think I should have on my ipod too – I love discovering new music.

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    April 16, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    U2 With or without you always reminds me of my first concert and making friends there – 2 of which I am still in contact with!

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    April 17, 2012 at 3:08 am

    Great music memories Kat. Thanks for sharing and hope you’re feeling better xx

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    April 17, 2012 at 3:35 am

    The Exponents’ “Why Does Love Do This To Me” will forever remind me of Christchurch and New Zealand; I think you’re all born singing this song! =)

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