Getting on our tango groove at La Ventana, Buenos Aires

La Ventana in Buenos Aires is one of the original places to visit to watch a tango performance. It’s been delighting crowds for decades and it’s not hard to see why.

I was really keen to take a tango lesson whilst in Argentina, so Cristian, the Hostelling International contact organised a night out for both Rosario and I. It was going to be the first chance to meet Rosario so I was really looking forward to the night.

Rosario met me at the hostel and we headed off to La Ventana in a taxi. First up was our tango lesson which I took to like a duck to water. I loved it and quickly picked up the steps. Rosario and I were definitely the teachers pets that night. The dance teacher was the director dancing and it was amazing to watch her slide across the dance floor oozing poise and grace.

After the lesson we were taken downstairs to for dinner and to watch the show. Both Rosario and the water recommend certain things off the menu that I had to try as they were typically Argentinian. So for entree it was empanadas, followed by baby beef for main course and for dessert it was dulce de leche (caramel sauce) with pancakes. It was all amazing and washed down beautifully with an amazing Malbec wine.

The tango show was great. It was totally cheesy as hell but it was very impressive none the less. The musicians were incredibly talented and I was captivated watching them, even more than the dancing itself. 

The night was fantastic and I would highly recommend checking out a go show when in Buenos Aires.My highlight was definitely the dance lesson first and getting to meet and hang out with Rosario.

La Ventana is in San Telmo in Buenos Aires.

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