Hola Argentina

On the planeMy travels with The Big Blog Exchange and Hostelling International have begun.

For the Big Blog Exchange, the Argentinian blogger winner Rosario from At Blue Heaven, and I are going to swap blogs. We decided together that we will also continue to write on our own blogs at the same time too. That way you’ll get to see where we both are what we are up to for the entire trip.

I’ve been having so much fun and doing so many awesome things that, although I’ve written blog posts I haven’t posted them in the 8 days since I arrived in Argentina. So tonight I’ve finally got some free time to sit down and catch up on posting everything. So it’ll be a bit of a running leap through the first 8 days – and hopefully I’ll keep up to date with everything from this point on. But hey – when I’m having this much fun discovering a country, you’ll have to forgive me for enjoying it. That’s why I’ve created the Travel Tracker page on my website – – that way you can up to date with my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare all in one place and see what amazing things I’m experiencing when I’m a little slack with posting blogs.

I’ve been lucky enough to extend my trip and so I have left earlier than everyone else. The rest will leave on the 6th or 7th of June (today or tomorrow) and begin their adventures then, but I got to start before that. And thus see so much more of Argentina.

Kapcha The World Big Blog Exchange ArgentinaRosario is currently in Santiago Airport in Chile waiting for her flight to Auckland. I will post Rosario’s introduction so you know who she is and all about her blog At Blue Heaven. We’ve been talking lots on facebook and twitter over the last few weeks/month asking tons of questions about the countries we are travelling to, and also swapping information on things like local music, good places to shop, what to pack, what to see, and just generally getting to know each other. Because I left early, I was lucky enough to be able to meet Rosario before she headed off to my home country of New Zealand. From what I could tell from our numerous conversations online, we were going to get on great and I was right. She’s just as lovely in person as she seems online and it was great to put a face to all the messages and emails that we have been sending to each other. I’m sure you are all going to love her just as much as I do.

So on that note………. Welcome to the first Big Blog Exchange

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