Rosario – Adiós Wellington!

I was a few days but I assure you I do not need more to confirm that I fell in love with this place and its lifestyle. I wish I had a little bar like any of the ones I found in the city or one of the clothes shops vintage around my house. 

Olive Bar

Vintage Store

To finish the tour, I had lunch in  Fidels,  a Cuban restaurant where people come to make the best coffee in town (I was told that is the capital of coffee and that this is essential in any time of day). Can see how the local people with their hairstyles and original clothes, choose conservatories these hidden little bars to meet and spend time.





Certainly one of these bars is The Library , which differs from the others by that is literally a library bar. It is known by word of mouth or because you paid attention to a window with a kind of bar chair and books around in the middle of the street. Next door, a sign indicating the entrance you and invites you to have a drink or just a tea or coffee. Surrounded by books and antiques, is one of the nicest places I knew. Intimate and elegant.Everything seems fiction and creates the sensation of being inside a novel.To finish my tour of Wellington, enjoy some  appetizers  with Mark, a friend of Brindi living here for several years and is a professor at the University of Wellington. A man of about 50 years, who do not just talk about movies, towns and travel. But also of our different cultures and countries certainly Mark’s stories were the ideal way to finish to know about this city!

The Library

Brindi and Mark chatting



Last steps

I did not know I was going to find. I was told that while it was the capital of New Zealand, there were no large buildings or even people walking in a rush from one side to another. I totally agree: Wellington is a capital city than that of any country. Here people live not accelerated, but the opposite. Enjoy the presence of art and music. They are seen enjoying at a bar or just walking slowly along the main streets. If you are a tourist, short distances let you feel part of it in no time. In my chaos, I managed to put images to each of the references he had received before traveling and today I took with me one of the best memories of the city of Wellington. 

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