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Piccadilly Market

Fun and frolics and the Piccadilly Market

A week ago, I was lucky to be invited along to an Instagram themed blogger meet up with Nuffnang and the Piccadilly Market in Wlliamstown. The Piccadilly Market is the brainchild of Janina Lear, who has been running the market…

Melbourne - Photo Credit: Melbourne Australia on Facebook

EXCITING NEWS! I’m moving to Melbourne!

Yes folks, I’m heading to the bright lights and big city of Melbourne in October. As much as I have come to love New Zealand, Christchurch is just too small for me especially post-earthquakes. I long for the hustle…

PSY - Gangnam Style

PSY – Gangnam Style

If you haven’t heard PSY’s song ‘Gangnam Style’ yet then you really, really, really, need to. It has me developing the sudden urge to bust my hardest dance moves! I was driving to work the other morning and almost had…

Writer's Block - Photo Credit:

How do you fight writer’s block?

So in case you hadn’t noticed, the blog has been a little deserted over the last few weeks. It’s been a difficult time for me and I’ve been having to deal with lots of things outside of the blogosphere,…

Make Good Art - Credit: Zen Pencils

Make Good Art

I came across the speech given by Neil Gaiman at The University of Arts 2012 graduation ceremony. It is definitely inspiring and really worth a look at. It made me realise that I have been sitting on my behind for far too…


5 minutes with……Ross Gumbley

  NAME YOUR FAVOURITE…. Play you’ve directed: The latest one – Much Ado About Nothing! Tool of the trade: The Actor and the Target by Declan Donnelan Material possession: DVD collection Piece of advice: Never start a land war…

Kenwood Chef

Vintage Advertisements

Following on from the vintage travel posters, I came across these today. God how times have changed! I have a feeling that these days if a man dared to buy a hoover for his other half for Christmas, he…