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Dating 101

Feature article from the February Issue of Cityscape More people seem to stay single these days than they ever did in Grandad’s day, despite us having cars, telephones, jobs and computers. It seems that all the social networking in…


The Disasters of Internet Dating

So, I’ve been out on a few dates recently. However, last night topped the pole by far for the worst/most surreal/strangest ever first date in history!!! Firstly, a cyclone has hit Christchurch – so outside it’s rain, wind –…


Why I won’t end up marrying a kiwi guy!!

Why I won’t end up marrying a kiwi guy: They are all short (and I’m not that tall!!) They have a totally warped and so not funny sense of humour They do not understand sarcasm in the slightest! They…


Observations on life and questions about it

So I’m standing in the queue in subway (the sandwich shop) yesterday waiting to get lunch. I am one of the 2 girls in there and the other 15 people are all guys – I’m casually looking around when…