Why oh why???

The countdown is now at 4 days!! I technically should be jumping for joy that I am finally out of this god forsaken country that I have been whinging about since about a month after I arrived!! But……….

Realised the other day that for the first time since being here I am actually really happy. Not only have I met some great people to hang out with in Bucheon and Seoul but I also am loving my job and have scored a really, really cool private with a TV station!!

The new girl came in yesterday and today to shadow me and all I could think was I don’t wanna go!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh – WTF!!! I love the kids – they are so damn cute and they all almost started crying yesterday when they were told that I am leaving on Thursday!! Have put the feelers out though and said that I might be back in a few months (the new girl is now on a 3 month probabtion period!! lol) – it’s like the coolest job in the world ever though – get to sing, dance and muck about all day with the kids which is soo much fun. (Maybe I could steal one and take them home with me!! lol)

Of course knowing me – I’ll leave on Saturday, hit the beaches of Boracay and forget all about ever coming back to work in Korea!! But hey at the moment feeling a bit crap – hate packing too!! Definitely not going to miss this freezing cold weather though!! Mmmmm 31 degrees C here I come!!

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