Equinox Project – Photos from around the world

I was contacted by a photographer who was an organising a worldwide event. The Equinox Project was a photographic experiment, that involved many people from all over the world (from New Zealand to Alaska) photographing on the actual moment of Equinox, aiming towards the sun.  The exact moment was 17:32 GMT, 20th March 2010. Everyone involved had to take a photo out of their window at the exact same time around the world – and see what results came along!! Unfortunately this meant really early morning for me!

These are the 2 photographs that I sent him – not great but it was 5.30am, so he’s lucky I managed to drag myself out of bed at all!!

After a long wait he has now put the collection of photographs together on Flickr (my shot is the one used as the main image!!) – here is the link to check it out.

Equinox Project

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