Handwritten or Typed?

When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

I am definitely a typing on the computer kind of girl. Especially now that I can type so much faster than I can write. I can sit down and crank out a few thousand words and not have the hassle of getting cramp in my hand – although I do think I may be getting RSI! I do still make handwritten notes when I interview someone as well as using my dictaphone to record things with. I find it a lot easier to make notes though about where things are on the tape or on which file number they are on so I don’t have to relisten to everything again. I don’t know now how I ever managed to write essays and things at school though. I remember it taking ages and my hand hurting. Exams were especially horrid.

I still think there is something really nice about handwriting things though – espeically letters – although I’m ashamed to say I even type those these days. It’s so nice to get things in the post other than bills. A few friends and I will swap letters and postcards every now and again from around the world and it’s so nice to find them in the letterbox after a long day at work. I had a friend that even hand wrote her blog for a while – she took photos of the pages of her notebook and posted them onto her website. Was really cool and looked great and such a fun and unique thing to do. I love her blog – she always has such interesting things to say and finds the prettiest things anywhere she goes. I am always begging her for more posts – although I can already appreciate how hard it is to do something every day!

If anyone would like to swap postcards, cards or letters though then email me as always keen to get things from around the world.



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