The Big Move – I’m in Melbourne!

So it’s been a while since my last blog post and man has a lot been happening. So I am now a full time resident of Melbourne. I’ve been here almost a month now and in that time it’s been a mad dash around sorting all the ‘official’ bits and pieces that invariably need doing when you move to a new city or country.

So New Zealand is no longer my home and I’m now a Melbournian. The strange thing is that in all the moving and rushing around to get sorted before I left, I didn’t have time to get nervous or scared really. There was a brief 5 minutes about 2 months before but that soon passed with the help of my friend Sharon, who has also moved to Melbourne from Christchurch, and who has been a valuable source of information, and at times comfort for me. She was my ‘everything I need to know’ person who pointed me in the right direction for everything I needed to get sorted before leaving and once I got here – and there is a lot of stuff believe me.

So life so far in Melbourne has gone by in a blur. Moving, finding furniture, finding the office, settling into the groove in Australia and general starting life over again. What I am loving about Melbourne is being anonymous at the moment – no one knows me in this city – well not many anyway. It’s a chance to start again. To move on from the stress and earthquake issues of the last 2 years. To start a new life and be a new happier person. I’m looking forward to exploring and discovering all that Melbourne has to offer and do. I can’t wait for summer to get here.

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