Snow Days in Christchurch

It’s snowing hard in Christchurch today. Now for those of you that live in the USA or Canada this may not seem like that much of a big deal, but we hardly ever get snow in Christchurch city, and as I live out near the beach this means that if we do, it hardly ever settles. Last year we had a massive dumping of snow around this time of year and it caused chaos around the city. Roads, schools, businesses and shops closed. Everything ground to halt for about 2 days. I have several friends living here that are from Canada and Germany, and they wondered what the hell was going on. A little bit of snow creating a massive problem and shutting down a city. But it did, and I have to say I wasn’t upset about it in the slightest. I love snow and I LOVE snow days. It means I get to be a big kid again and go out and play in the snow. I went to work first thing this morning but we pretty quickly got sent home. Before I got back to work at home, I had a quick run around in the garden in the snow and took some photos.

They have to be the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen as well. They are huge. I couldn’t get a great picture of them though but as it’s still snowing hard here, I’m sure I’ll head out again at some point again and will try to get some more shots of the snow.

You're never to old to play in the snow

Trees in our garden

Frozen Leaves

Snow on the trees

Trying to photograph the HUGE snowflakes

Snow on the branches

Our street

Snow Day in Christchurch

Snow leaves

Sammy our cat investigating the snow

Sammy chasing snowballs! (He thinks he's a dog sometimes!)


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    Nomadic Samuel
    June 20, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    Wow! I realize I miss snow sometimes. Having been based in Asia for many years I don’t get nearly the same fix. Love the shots of Sammy!

    • Reply
      June 20, 2012 at 11:29 pm

      Thanks for the comment. Snow is so beautiful. Bloody cold after though! Sammy is a great cat. He acts like a dog. Even plays fetch but is still smoochy too!

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