Rosario – A Night of Jazz


This program was created and designed from Buenos Aires. When preparing the itinerary and sought the places I wanted to know, I found out this weekend in Wellington would take place a jazz festival. Then I put pause and modified all the way to be in Wellington for this date.


I knew that I was wrong when I did all these changes. After a rest I went to Cuba Street, to participate in one of the shows that are part of the festival program: The Uprights. A trio that around 10 pm, attracted a large number of people to the picturesque Matterhorn bar.
In my case, I decided to accompany the show with an exquisite table to sample different local cheeses. What I can say about the bar? I would go every night of my life. Sitting alone at a table, watching people wandering with his glass of wine and danced to jazz through the halls of a bar that captivates and seduces anyone finds out. Yes, this place also have to find out, because it is hidden and you have to go through a fairly long hallway. When I arrived, I noticed it sounded a Beirut song and knew I was in the right place. As we walked into the bar I was hitting different areas surrounding the scenario: a rod, a room with armchairs and even a picturesque winter garden.


As I said, it was worth doing all the changes necessary to be present at this great event in the city of Wellington. Matterhorn and The Uprights and are part of my memories and a crowd of people who, a few hours ago, enjoyed a night of pure jazz in the city of Wellington. Or rather, as they call them, “the coolest smallest city in the world”.

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