Rosario – The coolest smallest city

In Buenos Aires, while searching for information on Wellington, I saw that appeared as “the coolest smallest city in the world” (coolest city girl and worldwide). I must admit that when I got to town, I thought that this reference was a mistake. It was Saturday afternoon and it seemed that everyone was hiding in their homes for some reason you undoubtedly know.  

What I thought was so wrong! There is no better word to describe this city: cool. A place where one lives over night than by day. Where are people entering nightclubs and bars at any time. Where I can find a library open at night and the music plays on any corner of Courtney Place. I could devote an entire post talking about the people who live in this city. Original Hipsters. They wear clothes of any kind but not in any way. With a great personality in each of their wardrobe choices, and roam Cuba Street not worrying about what others think. Missed me walk a little further and above all, know the night of Wellington to say that this place is the coolest, smallest , city in the world.

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