Stop wha: Rotorua

SONY DSCThey say the best place in all of New Zealand to learn about Maori culture is Rotorua and that is why this small town became the stop number four (wha in Maori) of the trip.

However, a large number of tourists coming to Rotoura also choose this destination for its volcanic terrain and adventure sports. My first impression, and from above the plane was the same as all there present: a strong smell of sulfur (emitted by the hot springs site characteristics). Rotorua The stay was short I chose something that was characteristic of the place: Polynesian Spa ( ) . People choose these pools, with water from the hot springs and temperatures reaching 35 degrees thus contrasting with the cold outside.



In the afternoon, a micro I searched the hostel and took me to Tamaki Village ( . In the middle of the jungle, and through descendants of Maori ethnicity got to know about this land that inhabited New Zealand before the arrival of Europeans . After many years, Maori culture is still of great importance throughout the country and for that reason can find in places like Tamaki Village. Without doubt, the most attractive point of the night is when they make the famous “haka” is Maori dance used to intimidate the opposition before fighting.

Finally, we show the Maori Hangi, a typical meal consisting of meat and vegetables put in a few baskets and cooking underground. To close the evening, we sat at long tables and try the food (and the typical New Zealander known as Pavlova dessert) while we chatted together.

I could not leave this country without knowing about this culture that occupies an important place in the history of New Zealand. I tried the Hangi, learned words in Maori and met through a recreation of the past where the appearance of reality seems to be authentic.

E noho ra!

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